GPSSA and SSC Jordan discussed means of cooperation and exchanging expertise    ( 3/18/2010 )


H.E. Sultan Al Gaith, General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) Director General recently met with Dr. Khalid Al Wazani, Social Security Corporation-Jordan (SSC) Deputy Chairman and Director General, in GPSSA premises in Abu Dhabi to discuss the best means of cooperation in social insurance between both authorities.



During this visit, two counters for SSC were inaugurated, one in the Jordanian Embassy in Abu Dhabi and another in the Jordanian Consulate in Dubai. These will allow Jordanians expatriates to register in the SSC.

Best practices to improve social security services and the latest regional and international reforms in the field of social security were discussed during the meeting. The Directors stressed the importance of maintaining the cooperation between them in a bid to elevate the level of insurance services for both UAE and Jordan.

Al Gaith said:

"This is one of a series of meetings that are organized to enable Arab retirement and social security authorities to exchange information about the latest social security regional and international projects and to exchange expertise."

The meeting also highlighted key issues such as the challenges faced by retirement funds due to early retirement trends and the best means to handle these challenges.

Al Gaith also presented the new GPSSA premises in Abu Dhabi to Dr. Al Wazani, and outlined the special rights and benefits of the insured persons and the characteristics of the social security law in the UAE, which aims at encouraging employees in both public and private sectors to extend their employment time and increase their level of performance.

Furthermore, Al Gaith highlighted the project of implementing electronic systems in the authority in order to ensure the flow of information from ministries, federal entities, local departments in the UAE and the private sector institutions to the GPSSA.

The Directors also discussed the decision of GGC officials to extend insurance indemnity plans for GCC citizens working in both public and private sectors within the GCC countries, which was brought up during the 25th Gulf Summit held in Manama.

Al Gaith finally stressed the importance of opening the two counters as it gives Jordanians in the UAE the opportunity to register in the Jordanian social insurance in order to provide them with a healthy working environment and social stability.

Dr. Khalid Al Wazani thanked the GPSSA for its support and efforts to inaugurate the two new counters, and commended the role of the GPSSA in providing the required information that facilitates the registration of the Jordanian expatriates in the SSC.

Al Wazani concluded: "This initiative will enable Jordanians working outside Jordan to have a continuous insurance coverage. We have earlier inaugurated similar counters in Saudi Arabia where Jordanian expatriates reach 220 000, of whom 60 000 are workers. We then considered the UAE where there are some 160 000 Jordanian expatriates. New counters will be opened in Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain in the future."
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